Best Burner For Audio-CD?

Hi everybody. I want to know what is the best burner today For burn Audio-CD. as you know C1 error is obvious in audio and i want to have near perfect. in my current system i have Asus drive and make disc in quality over 95% (test with nero disc speed). i drop every disc under 95% to trash. some times i make it to 99% but today’s my Drive getting old and can make it to that degree.
So whats your suggestion for buying new optical drive? do you think BD Writer have better optics?

anybody can help me?

C1 error events are corrected by the error correction built into the encoding on all CDs - even audio CDs. They cannot possibly make a difference to the sound you hear. This can be proven by comparing the checksum of the audio data extracted from CDs (after compensating for different read & write offsets, if required).

Furthermore, the drive you are using to scan your discs is of a type (Mediatek-based DVD writers) which does not report all error types. Your drive only reports E31 errors (level 1 failure, 3 or more byte error) as C1. C1 error reporting should comprise of all level 1 errors (E11+E21+E31 errors, E11 & E21 being one & two byte level 1 errors). Only an E32 error represents a disc level uncorrectable error event.

Also the disc quality % rating in CD-DVD Speed & DiscSpeed is based solely on the highest peak C1 value - a very crude system that has obvious flaws & limitations.