Best burner for archival media (TYG02)

I am looking for a burner that will burn TYG02 media at 8x with perfect quality. I mean I don’t care about speed, about CD-writing, number of sheeps, etc, I am looking for a solid quality burner for quality media. From my experience Pioneers usually pair well with good DVD-R, but let you tell me the best of the market. Side info: I cannot buy Lite-On drives where I live.

Too bad you can’t buy any LiteOn drives where you live, since TYG02 burn so well with my LiteOn drives that I don’t burn them with anything else.

My older NEC ND-3500AG and ND-4551A drives burned TYG02 well at 6x/8x so I’m guessing the newer Optiarc drives might also do well with TYG02 but I haven’t actually tried (since the LiteOn drives are so brilliant with TYG02).

My Pioneer DVR-111/D/L is good with TYG02 when burning at 6x, 8x or 12x (but not so good at 4x).

I haven’t tried TYG02 on my Pioneer DVR-112/D/L yet, but chances are it would be at least as good as the DVR-111 judging by other results with this drive.