Best Burner/External Enclosure For Cheap DVD-R

I have just read about every “Best Burner…” thread. Lots of good advice, looks like a toss up between a Benq or Nec.

Here is what I have right now. I’ve been using a NEC 1300A for over 3+ years now, god I love that drive. It is FINALLY starting to turn up coasters and has a difficult time with verifies. It was originally setup on a IDE Controller where it worked for a long time but started to fail. I moved the drive into an NSpire USB2 Enclosure (Cypress AT2 chipset I believe). Where it seem to prolong it’s life for a bit longer. The enclosure (less then 9 months old) died before the drive. The store I bought it from let me do an exchange but it is the same Nspire model (I don’t really trust it). The enclosure seems to work fine but the drive keeps acting up, I can still push out some good burns but they don’t usually verify but test really good in my Liteon DVD-ROM. However it’s not always the case.

Leads me to what I would like to do. I would like to finally retire the 1300A, probably bronze the thing and hang it on my wall! If possible I would like to simply by a new drive and mount it into the Nspire. Burn speed is not essential (I’ve been burning at 2.4X for the longest) but was is; -R support and most importantly CHEAP MEDIA support. Sorry but I am a GQ (Fry’s cheap stuff) kind of guy and want to continue using this stuff. Does not hurt if the drive has good DL support, want to eventually move into this at some point. I know, I won’t use the GQ DL stuff unless the drive you recommend supports it! That would be a big bonus.

If you see an issue with the Nspire Cypress AT2 external enclosure please recommend something. I read through many of the postings in the “Big External Enclosure” thread. It seem to me the later posts have a lot of positive things to say about the Cypress AT2. As oppose to the beginning of the thread where Cypress was held in such low opinion.

Lastly, good place to buy. Newegg still good?

Thanks everyone.

I’m a big fan of NEC, but i have have never had much luck in getting them to work well in external enclosures.
You also mention burning DVD-R. In this case i would have to recommend the Pioneer DVR-111. In my experience this drive works well in an external enclosure and burns DVD-R very well.


also recent Liteon/Sony writers work good with Cypress enclosures. Retail external drives from Liteon are equipped with Cypress chipset.


This is a good source, actually the best, for enclosures. They do a lot of testing with different optical drives and their prices are good. This is my favorite, and you are correct in that the new Cypress is much better. Prolific 3507 is the choice for Firewire.