Best burner (any make) for < $50

Guys, whats the best model, among any manufacturer at the moment, in this price category?

I have stumbled across these two Samsung models:

  1. SH-S203N
    was highly reviewed here:
    price: $26.45, PLUS shipping, PLUS NY tax

  2. Samsung SH-S223F
    cannot find any reviews, please let me know of any
    price: $24.99, free shipping, no NY tax

The second one has a larger model number–does that meean that it is more recent?

Also, that chep price on newegg is for an OEM edition. Does that mean that it does not come with SATA power and data cables?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and feel free to recommend other models and manufacturers.

Though the second model listed is newer, it often doesn’t mean better.

Have a look in our Samsung forum, at the scan threads for each of the two drives, and you’ll see why.

OEM drives generally come on their own, with no cables, extra faceplates, or any other goodies theat come with a retail boxed drive. However, in my experience often Samsung OEM drives will include a disc which contains a cut-down version of Nero. Sometimes this isn’t the case though, so it’s wise to check.

Lastly, I have the 203N myself and it’s an excellent burner (and reader!).