Best burner and scanner for movie backup

I need a bd burner and scanner for a new build. Good for dvds as well if possible. Don’t need lightscribe

I’m not sure there is one drive that meets your needs. If you want to run quality scans of BD media, you’ll need a Lite-on drive. Quality scans on blu ray are still of dubious merit however, and you may learn just as much by running TRT and surface scans with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

If you want a drive for good quality burns to BD disks, my recommendation would be a Pioneer 205, then an LG, like the WH10LS30K.

Burner = get the 12x Pioneer BDR-205
Scanner = get the Samsung 8x reader, forgot the model number.

Samsung is Lite-on clone, but the build quality is much higher, its not as cheap and flimsy as all lite-ons.