Best burner and enclosure for mac

So…I have been reading through the forum for a while and I am a little bit confused.

I own a mac book pro, and I want to find the best solution for ripping and burning cds and dvds. I live in Italy so it’s not that easy to find many different options when choosing burners and enclosures.

I can easily get the Optiarc 7240, it’s cheap, and from what I have read it seems to be one of the best out there. What I am really confused about is the enclosure! On my mac I don’t have any esata connectors, only usb and firewire 800.

  1. Is there any real advantage in choosing a firewire 800 enclosure over an USB one? (I am not interested in Blu ray burning) Will it just affect speed or also performance?

  2. Is there any real difference between different enclosures and different brands apart from the different connectors (and speeds)?

  3. Do you have any advice for a good and possibly cheap enclosure for a macbook pro and an optiarc 7230? Do you have eny experience with it?

  4. Do you have any idea about stores shipping cheap to Europe/Italy? Would ebay be a good place to buy it from?

By the way I want to stress that as I long as I get perfect burning and ripping results I don’t bother at all about speed. The only firewire 800 enclosure I have found is the OCW mercury pro with the quad interface, but it’s really expansive. I have read another thread about enclosures, mac, and 7240 and they suggested VANTEC (with limitations is speed if using usb): would it affect also accuracy?

I would go with the Vantec with USB. They work well enough for the price you will pay. Firewire is always better for speed and other reasons, but if you have limited choices and Firewire is too expensive, then it doesn’t matter.