Best burn speed for mcc004 on pio 111d

i’ve been scanning my pioneer 111d burnt mcc004 on the same burner (i know that pio’s don’t make great scanners but it’s the only one i have) and i’m getting conflicting results. people say these pio’s burn mcc004 best at 12x but from my scans i believe it’s 8x. can someone post a “true” scan for mcc004’s burned on pio 111d at either 8x and 12x or just suggest the appropriate burn speed for the highest quality. i’m willing to ignore my pio scans

attatched are scans from burns of 4x, 8x and 12x

i’m using:
mcc004 advanced azo manufactured by cmc
dma enabled
pio 111d is secondary master
80 pin cable
768mb ram

btw, i now use Pioneer DVR-111L TDB 8.29 firmware (thanks tdb!!)

on a side note my pio scans for the yuden tg03 is horrible. i’m hoping it’s just pioneer not being an accurate scanner. i’ll post them up if anybody wants to see


In my opinion that would be almost pointless.

If somebody else posts scans, they will be using a different batch of media and another drive, and there’s plenty of variation between individual drives and also between batches of media.

From your scans I’d say the first one is definitely better than the other two.

I get very good scans when burning MCC 004 at 8x on my Pioneer 111, but this particular drive doesn’t like to burn any DVD media at 12x P-CAV or 16x CAV, and it doesn’t like to burn CD-R media faster than 24x, so it’s not a typical drive.

My scans would IMO be irrelevant for your drive and media, so I’m not going to post them.

Scans performed on the Pioneer 111 are not considered reliable, but I do think you can use them for comparing scans done with the same drive - you just shouldn’t compare your scans with scans posted by other people using other drives. Or at least you should make such comparisons with a big grain of salt.

Below are two MCC004 (Made in India) scans burned with the Pio 111. The first one was burned at 8x speed and the second at 12x speed. At 8x speed the PIE average was significantly lower and at 12x the PIF average was better. However, I have not burned many MCC004 with the Pio, because my BenQ 1655 seems to yield slightly better scan results with these media (I use 12x speed with the BenQ) and I’m using any opportunity to use my other DVD writers.
I had to crop the second Imgburn graph, because it exceeded the maximum file size.

Almost all of my +R SL burns are done on MCC-004, and my particular drive produces the best quality at 8x.

Sorry about the colors on this quality scan–I have large fonts enabled on my display, so most “cool” color combos result in PNGs that are too large for the forum’s attachment size limit. This is the most recent MCC-004 8x burn that the forum will let me upload. It’s a good representation of the burns I get @ 8x with my 111L.

Burned @ 8x on CMC-manufactured MCC-004 with ImgBurn, TDB fw 8.26.

thanks guys for the help.

it looks like 8x is the best speed to burn for the pio111d

i recently purchased some prodisc-made verbs. their quality variance is VERY wide compared to cmc verbs. imo cmc verbs are much more reliable and better quality. i’ll post a scan later once i get the chance