Best Burn Speed? (AD-7241S + MCC004)



I am backing up a lot of TV shows to DVD’s and I am interested in what burn speed is the best to insure a good burn and to insure it still works if I want to access it in a year or more. I’ve seen some people say burn real slow (4x) and I’ve seen others say to burn at the rated speed of the media (16x). I’m using a new AD-7241S with Liggy’s 1.03 Firmware and I am burning to Verbatim MCC004 DVD+R’s. In Nero I can choose 4x,8x,12x,16x,18x, and 20x.

I’m not really sure if this is the right section but hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks.


I don’t have your drive, but the safest burn speed giving the best chance of a good burn on most of my desktop drives for Verbatim MCC004 media is 8x. A few drives might be slightly better at 6x or 12x.

If 8x is fast enough for you then I’d try that first, otherwise burn at 12x.

If you burn at 16x and faster, you will most probably get suboptimal quality near the outer edge when using some of the not-so-good batches of MCC004.

If you burn at 4x, you will most likely burn at a speed that has not been optimized with your burner, and you might get results that are not as good as when burning at 8x or 12x.


Ok so I did a 2 burns, one at 8x and one at 12x and did a scan. I really don’t know much about what these numbers mean but I know both scans were close to each other. Can someone tell me which scan is the best and if the margin is big enough to use one over the other? Thanks

[B]Burned at 8x[/B]

[B]Burned at 12x[/B]


Those are both very good burns and the difference between them is negligible. The 8x burn is a tiny bit better on PIF, but there really isn’t a significant improvement. The 12x burn shows a slightly better jitter reading, but both are in the acceptable range.

Either speed will work well for these particular disks and this burner.


Thanks, guess I will stick to 12x as it is a little bit faster.