Best burn software

:bow: blindwrite,clonecd,cdmate alcahol 120…
what are the diffrences between them and witch one is the best in makeing exact duplicates and can copy the most copy protected games and apps.?
also witch are compatible with the other.? also witch have drivers that are xp sp1 freindly. herd some of them have problems with win xp. also i have a serial ata raid system witch burning software works best with that a raid setup.? i’d really like some expert advice since alot of the reveiws do not pit the software head to head in a burnoff rumble. id like to see cd freaks do just that and see who would win in the fallowing area’s

  1. xp os hardware compatability.
  2. speed ease of use.
    3 price and support
  3. ability to burn and defeat copy protections with out a ton of tweaking.
  4. cross compatability with other burning and ripping software.


imho the seamless approach of autoplay compared to rmps emulation makes bw a better choice. plus plex premium users can make 1:1 for alot of protections with bw and 2 sheeps can seemingly do more with bw. the wait between alcohol 120 releases can be torture.

but to each his own…

it’s not just a software issue - you need to consider your burner as well. i have found that of all the programs there are that alcohol and nero cannot be beat.

Well, Alcohol 120% and CloneCD would be my choices.