Best burn quality with T003 and G04/G05 media?

What drive would you recommend? My Gamecube takes Ritek G04/G05 discs burned with my LG GMA-4020b but that drive is rather old, I would like to get the one which makes the absolute best burns, and I would like to order some T003 (or whatever Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media is the best one) but I’m not sure if it works in the Gamecube or not, thought I guess I’ve other uses for it aswell :bigsmile:

Drives under consideration have been Pioneer DVR-111D for long and Plextor PX-755 and PX-760 recently, are the later one really better? Any others I should look at? Shall I really try to find the Benq drive?


as Ritek G05 is considered junk media, I wouldn’t search for a drive, that supports them. Best TY +R is 8x rated T002 btw. And that media should do fine with any recent drive.


The Pio 111D certainly burns the TY T03 very nicely at 12x. I’ve got Plextor branded ones & they’re excellent.

Regarding the G04/G05 media , well these are a disaster waiting to happen. Over the last 2 years or so the g05 quality has plummeted and complete failure of a burned disc can happen within months of the burn. I’m having to reburn all my g04 & g05 media on to quality media.

The only burner I’ve got that’ll do a semi-decent job with G05s is my old LG4163B. BTW I’ve got 2x Benq 1650 , Benq 1620 , Liteon 1635S, NEC 4570 plus the Pio & LG.

But it have the nice feature that the hardware the burn was intended for can actually read it ;).

To bad I’ve wasted 2 or 300 pieces for ritekdiscs thought if they degrade as fast as some people suggest.

I can’t decide between DVR-111D, DW1655 or PX-755 :confused:

Have the disc/dye quality lowered during the last years or have the quality of the burned discs (even thought they are the same) lowered? It would suck to have like 200 of useless discs =P

I guess with the plextor atleast I can check the quality of the disc afterwards? Can I do that with any brand with the correct software? Why does all reviews uses plextools?

Ok, only burner I have is the LG GMA-4020B and it worked good with dual sided verbatim, datasafe media with ritek g04 and blank ritek g05s, I also had a bunch of 16x Verbatims before the blank riteks but the Gamecube couldn’t read them so I sold them of and got the Riteks. To bad the “high quality” was time limited ;D

Anyway I definitly need a new drive :smiley:

Ritek G04 & G05 were once quite good but maybe 2 years ago the dye quality changed & now severe degradation takes place after burning. Actually with some of my blanks that are maybe 9 months old it’s a struggle to even burn them.

The Benq 1650/55 would be the best bet I guess if you want scanning and if you can still find one.

I can’t see any advantage getting a Plextor when other cheaper drives are just as good.

Benq DW1650
261 sek

Benq DW1670
275 sek

Pioneer DVR-111D, DVD±RW, Bulk, Black
324 sek

Benq DW1655
381 sek

Plextor PX-755A
404 sek

Plextor PX-760A
682 sek

Is what I can get, ok, I don’t know how old my discs are, maybe I’m safe then =P

The plextor 755 one isn’t that expensive and I’m looking at it because some guy who wrote a DVD review which got posted on Slashdot if you seen it and suggested TY DVD+R media recommended the Plextor drives.

But looking from reviews on cdrinfo both the Benq and Pioneer seems to have lower PIE and POE values, the Benq had some problems with speed maybe but it’s an old review and maybe it’s better now.

Are the DW1670 even better? It’s the cheapest one over here =P

Which of those drives would you suggest for most importantly quality burns (on DVD+R TY I guess, or shall I get MCC 004 to/instead/aswell? TY002 or TY003? Is TY002 better even if I burn TY003 at 8x?), good read on scratched discs would probably be good aswell to save some old ones maybe =P

Also price isn’t much of an issue since say 400 DVD-Rs aren’t free aswell and I would rather have them last and read good.

Forgot to say I also had orange 4x bulkpaq which was SHIT++++. That’s why I tried to get the best media I could find and will continue with that.

I am not sure if your question was answered, but I can strongly recommend the Pioneer 111 with the Buffalo 8.29 firmware. The BenQ 1655 is also a good drive but not as good at burning TYG02, TYG03, or MCC 03RG20.

Will it be better than the Plextor aswell? I’m confused since so many people say various things =P

DW1655, DVR-111D or PX-755A? Price is almost the same on all of them.

The DVR-111D can’t do as good scans but do better burns? Some scans I’ve seen speaks against that but maybe those scans doesn’t tell all or whatever?

Got review/images from the stuff you talk about?

Is that DVR-111 or will DVR-111D do just as good? Just to make sure.

They are the same thing. The 111D can be cross flashed to the 111 to get RAM writing capability and to the 111L to get Labelflash.

I have no experience with the Plextor DVD drives. Here in the US, they cost 3X as much as regular drives. The only one I have seen worth the extra was the Plextor Premium CD burner.

The Lite-on 165H6S seems quite ok to. How shall I be able to decide? :frowning:

Chose for me :smiley:

Benq DW1650
261 sek

Pioneer DVR-111D
324 sek

Benq DW1655
381 sek

Plextor PX-755A
404 sek

Lite-On SHW-165P6S
449 sek

To make things worse, for good burning quality you can also use LG GSA-H22N or stuff like that :wink:
If you want the newest of the newest, wait for the Pioneer 112 or get a LiteOn LH-18A1P.

I haven’t… uhm… bought game_ube games to ba_kup for almost a year so I want a new burner and dis_s right now. Also I have quite a look of more or less ba_kup data from swit_hing oses whi_h i would like to store away. So I doubt I’ll wait, althought the pioneer might be intresting. I guess it will be pri_ier to.
The liteon you suggested are only 277 sek, but from denmark so shipping is more expensive, is it good?

If what you are referring to above with “sek” is price, you will be very pleased with the BenQ 1650 as the cheapest. It is a very good drive and seems less expensive.

Yeah, sek = swedish enkrona.

But as I said I don’t care about the price I just want what is the better drive.

Are the only differene of 1650 and 1655 lightscribe? I won’t miss out on anything with the 50?

Btw, for other europeans looking where it was and so on: