Best Burn Quality - Pioneer DVR-112D vs Pioneer DVR-212D vs LG GSA-H22N?

Hi Guys,

I am about to buy a new DVD Burner, and I think I have narrowed my choices down now. I am looking for the burner that will give me the BEST write quality on a wide variety of media. Many of the extra bells and whistles are not that important (i.e. LightScribe, Faster Read Speed, Better Ripper, Scanning Ability, etc.) to me. Here are my top choices as of now:

Pioneer DVR-112D


Pioneer DVR-212D



Based on my criteria, which one would you guys choose? Or is there a completely different one that I haven’t listed that you think is even better? Thanks to all that reply.


The previous generation Pioneer model, Pioneer DVR-111 is widely regarded as having very good write quality, if speed, etc is not important, it is worth consideration as it is a proven choice unlike the 112 which seems a bit more mixed in results at present.