Best Burn Quality - LH-20A1S vs LH-20A1P vs LH-20A1H

I am not sure if the quality of all the drives are the same but, if I were to choose one of the following drives based strictly on the quality of the burns it would produce, rather than any other bells and whistles (i.e. SATA or Lightscribe), which one should I get.







Keeping in mind only burn quality not anything else, which would you choose?



For burn quality, any.

yeah have to agree, any of the above will do, if your looking for a liteon

Thanks for the replies. So what you are saying is that if I had the exact same media, and I burned them on all three, they would each be of the same quality?

PumaUK, when you say IF you are looking at liteON, are you trying to say you would recommend another drive if I were looking for quality of burn as the most important criteria?


SuperG take a look at the Pioneer forum as well. :wink:

Thanks for the tip, I am looking into the Pioneer DVR-112D or DVR-212D drives.

I’d recommend LGs as usual, cheaper, faster, better