Best Burn Quality - DVR-112D vs DVR-212D

I am not sure if the quality of both the drives are the same but, if I were to choose one of the two drives based strictly on the quality of the burns it would produce, rather than any other bells and whistles (i.e. SATA vs IDE), which one should I get?





Keeping in mind only burn quality not anything else, which would you choose?



i have both drives the burn quality are the same so only reason to choose one drive over the other is chipset use by your system, the new chipset ie. intel 965 has a lot more sata ports than ide so you have go dvr-212 or you go to run out of ide ports.

I see, so it seems as though they are both probably the same, hardware wise, except for the SATA vs IDE. Now you say that if you have the Intel 965 chipset then you would recommend the DVR-212D. My desktop actually has the Intel 865 chipset. This I believe was the first time SATA was introduced, and is only SATA 1.0. Do you think there would be any complications because of how new SATA was at that time, and that I should stick with getting a DVR-112D because of that? Thanks for anyones input.


The ICH5 southbridge that’s coupled with the 865 is known to be very compatible with SATA optical drives. I’d say there would be no problem.

Occupant you are right about the 865 being very compatible with sata optical drives i try my DVR-212 on an MSI Motherboard with Intel 865Pe Chipset it work great ,no problem in burning or reading cd or dvd

Thanks occupant for the info, and thanks mentor for the follow up. Just curious, mentor, do you have the 212D or the 212 regular? Also, have you tried to do a crossflash via the SATA, and does that work? Thanks.


There’s no f/w yet to cross flash from what i’ve read.

SuperG I have the DVr-212D i am in the US, i can only find the D version of DVR-212 here.

Well if you say both the burners produce the same burn qualities, then I might as well go for the SATA and save the IDE slot for another drive.

Do you know if the SATA has any effect on flashing the drive, etc. with new firmware, or does that have nothing to do with SATA vs IDE?



Ok, do you know if SATA will have any effect on being able to cross flash once any f/w does come out? Thanks.


I do not think you will have any problem flashing the sata version of the dvr-212 drive, Plextor use the same firmware version for both they px-716a and px-716SA. i have flash my px-716sa many time with a problem.