Best Budget Sata DVD Drive On new Egg at The Moment

It looks like it’s been over 3 weeks since anyone asked this. Just got a new Dell that came with a piece of !!@#! LG GH30N & need to replace it… Shame as my last Dell came with an Optiarc 7200S.

This one should serve you nicely:

Optiarc AD-7241S

Apart from the Optiarc 7200S/7240S and their Lightscribe/Labelflash variants, are there any other SATA drives that are worth a look?

Welcome to the forum madrooster :slight_smile:

I’m looking into getting an LG GH22NS50 (when I can find one in stock here) to replace my dying Optiarc 5170S, so that may be worth a look also. But as mentioned the Optiarcs are also good choices.

I also have a Samsung SH-S223F which is pretty good as long as it has the latest firmware. :slight_smile:

Are there any Liteons that are worth a look?

I’m looking at doing good quality burns.