Best BTC Readers/Burners for reading old DVDs

I have some three year old DVDs which only my Pioneer DVR-106D reads
all other Burners and readers give at around 50 % with I/O error
I want to back up around 500 DVDs which are all old
So I want to upgrade to a faster reader
Here at this thread I came across a interesting story

exactly similar to mine and there Lordsmurf recommends BTC burners and LG

My question is which Model from BTC has the best laser or which Model from LG has the best laser
Are LG writers also good readers?

Just tried reading a disc with my DVD rom which is a Liteon and it failed put it in my BTC 1008 writer and it read fine. Just got a Pioneer 109 but I’ve kept the BTC because it seems to read anything

Thanks for your feedback
I have heard this from many
May be I get one of these