Best browser? Chrome vs. IE9 vs. Firefox4


What´s your pick now?

Here are some stats to think about…

I’m still using firefox 3, and I think I’ll wait for some more time before to install 4 to be sure that all plugins will be working correctly.

However, I read about a lot of complaints due to the new user interface. Many people dislike it, so I’m a bit hesitating.

I have to find a portable version, so I can test it before to mess up my computer :bigsmile:

About chrome, I never tried it, and probably I never will try it :disagree:

Opera. I could give myriad technical reasons why but the most basic reason is it simply performs as needed on all of my different hardware and OS platforms. IE cannot run on Linux, FF has always been a memory hog therefore almost unusable on low-end hardware and although the latest Chrome build matches Opera’s speed and memory footprint (one must still compile and test for smaller linux distro’s) I’ve yet to find a compelling reason to switch. :bigsmile: One other thing, in the mobile/handheld market Opera mini/mobile has serious market share given it’s worldwide usage.

IE9 Not for me
Chrome Don’t like it
FF4 So far don’t like it

Looks like I will be sticking with FF3

I like FF4, i only use IE8 @work and no Chrome whatsoever. Don’t like the google cache thing.

I have IE9 and FF4 and the new interface does get a bit to get used to. But those sticking with FF3 well your shooting in the dark cause your missing a security hole for malware to come through. I didn’t like the look and feel of IE9 and FF4 but now I can live with it having used them for the last week or so since they came out. There are still some plugins in FF4 that won’t work yet but I will wait til they come out with updates with those to work with FF9. I did get freedownloadermanager to install with RC4 so I am happy now with part of it working as I like it to work. But that is what you get with new browser are headaches that comes along with them and plugin problems. But I don’t consider any browser better then the other as I said before some site are written for IE and some for IE and FF. So that just the nature of programming we just have to live with it and know when to use which browser for which function we like to have on the web.

IE9 is what I’m currently using and I love it. I’m a fan of FireFox, too, and I don’t mind Safari either. It’s all based on your personal preference and what browser is most compatible with your programs or websites. Every one of them has faults. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=skipton007;2586735]what browser is most compatible with your programs or websites[/QUOTE]

This is what web users forgets not all browser work correctly or load properly unless viewed in the browser it was programmed to respond to.

The best browser is the one the user gets on best with. :slight_smile:

I use a variety depending on the sites I browse and the hardware:

[B]Firefox4[/B] - Main browser I use on my desktop PC. It works fine with pretty much every website I can think of.
[B]Internet Explorer 8[/B] - I use at work for compatibility testing, e.g. when making changes to a website. My work PC has XP, so I can only use Internet Explorer 9 in Virtual PC.
[B]Internet Explorer 9[/B] - I tend to use it as a second browser when I need to be logged on under two accounts, e.g. my blog to check standard user view when updating plug-ins, etc. I also had a few cases where it crashed the PC, i.e. could not bring up the Task manger to kill its process, thus requiring a hard-reboot, probably a compatibility/bug issue with my graphics card with its new acceleration features.
[B]Chrome[/B] - Main browser I use on my Netbook. It seems to run quicker and smoother than Firefox, likely due to the limited Atom CPU power. In the past, I mainly switched for its better viewing area, although Firefox4 can now have the equivalent viewing area by disabling the bookmarks toolbar and any other toolbars.
[B]Opera[/B] - I use Opera Mini as the main browser on my mobile phone as it loads pages a lot quicker than the built-in web browser. However, on my PC, I use the Opera browser for testing purposes only.
[B]Safari[/B] - Occasional testing purposes only. Even though I rarely use it, occasionally it just dies for no apparent reason, requiring it to be reinstalled. The installation of a Quicktime alternative update seems to be the main culprit for killing the Safari installation.

FF4, never have been a fan of IE, tried Chrome, stuck with Firefox…
wateva works for ya…

Except for Opera I’m behind on updating browsers . I’m still using IE7 & I have no problems with it that I notice. I’m sure it is slower than some other browsers.
I have a version of FF3 but I seldom use it & I will probably update it to V. 4 & use it the same as now.
@ Seán , I use a software named " EndItAll ­ version " . It will usually close or kill a process if Task Manager fails.