Best brands + sources for 80mm / 3" Mini CD-R

hi all,

I’m looking to purchase a large quantity ( 5OO+ ) of 3" CD-Rs and am currently seeking a reliable brand & supplier.

I am considering the following options:

ProDisc Spin-X 32X Silver/Silver Inkjet Hub Printable Mini CD-R Blank Media, 22Min/193MB

Prodisc Spin-X 32X White InkJet Hub Printable Mini CD-R Blank Media, 22Min/193MB

Ritek Ridata Mini CD-R White Inkjet Printable Blank Media. 24Min/210MB

I’ve also wondered if anyone knows of any black/black or diamond 3"/80mm discs? + where to find these?

thanks for the help!

In terms of stability, from my experience Ritek and Prodisc are similar - i.e. relatively stable but not perfect. Not much to choose from there. The market for 8cm CDs seems to be somewhat skimpy :frowning:

There have been no colored substrate 8cm CDs on the market since the days of the Memorex Cool Colors pocket range, which are long since out of production.
In any case you don’t really want black-bottomed CDs because there are some lame ass poor quality drives out there that cannot read them. Hence black or dark substrate CDs should not be used for distribution (i.e. when you don’t know where the discs will be used).