Best Brand for DVD Media

What do u guys think is the best brand for DVD Recordable. Great Quality (GQ), Memorex, KHypermedia, TDK? ,:confused: ,please help me which one is better

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Let me first explain something about CD and DVD media in general. Although there are a lot of different brands, the number of media manufacturers isn’t that big. Media produce some kind of media (perhaps more than one kind) and sell that to numerous companies. It could well be that Verbatim X and TDK Y media (just a stupid example) are identical.

How media performs doens’t depend only on the media self, but also on the used burner, firmware, software settings etc.

Generally speaking, Tayo Yuden media is about the best around. There are very very good alternatives though. Depending on the burner you have, you should go for a certain kind of media (some burners can be very picky with media).

To find out what kind of media there’s actually underneath the surface of the disc, you’d have to read the mediacode of the disc (MID). This can be done by programs like DVDIdentifier.

If you want more specific help, can you please give us the following information:

  • what burner + firmware do you use?
  • what media are you using?
  • what is the media used for?

Well… that’s about it. Report back I’d say :smiley:

i’ve had lots of luck with tdk 4x +r. not one coaster yet. knock on wood

If you don’t mind SkinnerIJA I’m gonna slip a question in here too:
I use the NEC 2500A with the stock firmware
With FUJI 4x DVD+R
and I’m doing two things (backing up pc data & trying to make some movies0 and having loads of trouble with the second one, the only movie making method I can get to work is to clone a dvd… do you think these are region problems?

As Dee-ehn indicated, the name on the box doesn’t mean all that much, and unfortunately DVDprobe only works after you’ve bought the discs (very helpful to verify the quality of media you already have). T Y and Ritech are talked up alot here, and you can buy them online. If you are looking to buy at best buy or office depot…somethingg local like that, look at the package to see where the discs were manufactured. If in China or India…probably not good media, if made in Japan, very likely T Y and worth buying.

Not bulletproof by any means, but works for me…:slight_smile:

Well, i’m using a Sony DVD-RW DRU-510A Burner using GQ (Great Quality) 4x 4.7GB Media. I’m using it to burn dvd’s, but during the writing process, almost at the end of writing, it says failed. Does DvdIdentifier check the quality of the blank DVD’s or something?


As for making movies, I wont ask what type.

I use Nero 6 for making and backing up my DVD collection with the help of some other software I got of although I have this on a 30 day trial its not failed yet.


Nero is not very compatible with stand alone players.The majority of dvds i have written with Nero are not playable.Then after some reading at the forum I used clonedvd(Much better quality than dvdschrink) and burned it with copytodvd.The reasult was great.Try it. :smiley:

Regarding the burning issue with Nero, The stand alone issue, certainly explains a few things (mother inlaws copy of the wedding video not working, amongst other nero burnt dvd’s so she bought a cheap standalone problems solved).

However all the people I know have bought the cheap standalones and they play everything just fine.

Some of the older and more expensive standalones appear to struggle, cheap and cheerful suits me.

I would try the others you mention but dont have a need to at the moment.


I have a Lite on LDW851S drive, ICopyDVDs2, and DVD43Free on my Pentium 4 WinXP PC. I use made-in-Taiwan KHypermedia DVD+R to copy movies. What kind of firmware are you talking about? How can I ckeck that? Thanks.

And some of my cloned DVDs can’t play on either my PC or my TV-top DVD player, which is a Zenith VHS/DVD dual player. I got it at Circuit City at around US$110, one of the cheapest.