Best brand DVD+R media

Which brands give best results? Which have best compatibility?

Imation, Platinum, Varbatim, Philips?

Imation = CMC, look into cd-rw forum…
Platinum doesn’t make media, but they are known for selling the worst media you find on earth. Sometimes you might be lucky and get Ritek, but it’s always gambling.

Verbatim (Mitsubishi) is rather expensive, but I actually haven’t heard anything bad about their dvd±r(w) media.
There are players around that only accept Mitsubishi media…

thx, ill try some verbatism

My vote is white topped princo. I use these because they are really good quality. The way I can tell this is I have a PS2 & these are very picky as to what dvdr media you use for backups. Of course you can use verbatim, apple, etc… But those are around $4-$5 each the last I checked. These princo can be had for $1 each

Are you sure Princo makes DVD+R media? I mean make, not only “sell”.

BTW i don’t know where you get the idea from that Princo is good media…are you sure your princo media is made by princo? They also sell TDK media.

Nope, i’m not sure who makes them. All I know is they’re sold as princo & i’ve had no problems with them at all…

Had NO problems with HP disks , have no idea who make them (probably not HP :wink: ) but the disks are dependable and good .