Best brand CDR 80 min/700 mb



What is the best brand for CDR 80 min/700 mb?

Thanks for your advice

Wat is het beste merk voor cdr 80 min/700 mb?

Bedankt voor je advice

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philips cd-r 80 Professiol wel duur !! F4,50


philips cd-r 80 Professiol wel duur !! F4,50


It depends on it.
Where do you want to use it for??
If you want to use it just for pc, you can use nearly every brand.
But when you want to copy games for the psx or audio.
I recommend you some more expensive cd’s.

GreetZZ FlarEMan


ive been useing memorex 80min 50 in the spindle…they are very nice and about .71 a pieace


If your going to burn PSX I suggest you use Princo’s. I think they’re the best even at 8 speed no problem.


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Mijn beste ervaringen zijn met Arita 80min. Op verschillende branders nog nooit een fout gehad. Ik weet wel dat ze in Computer Totaal als slecht zijn getest, maar dat is een ervaring die ik, en velen met mij niet hebben gehad
Groetjes, Fred


always used princo
never had problems with them!!


Always used Lead DAta 80 minutes, and never had to throw one away


I am sorry to say Mattel007, I bought a box of 10 CD’s Leaddata, only 2 worked! Just buy Philips or Fuji.


Philips are the best


I recently used That Write 80: no problems there!


I use Sony 74 min now and it’s a perfect quality for data or audio.

At a good price to…


Party Animal


12x certified 80min ricoh platinum disks were just released. i have used the 8x 74 min and absolutely love them. works perfectly in psx (even old models), for data, audio, anything. worked in an old 2x sony drive i had layin around. lifetime warranty, they claim they have a 200yr lifespan. i have used verbatims before. and a few of them actually became unreadable after only a few months. never happened with ricoh plantinum. has them.


I don’t understand why all you people have some much coasters. What do you do that makes
these cd’s fail ???

Anyway, I use many brands and they all work
fine: Arita, MMore, Tevion, Memorex, Philips, Lead Data, Basf, etc.

they all work…



Does somebody know where i can buy does cheap cd-recordables? (like memorex) In holland plz.
Esp. Eindhoven



check :

look for pricewatch