Best BluRay burner, player software, etc...?

Hi guys! I want to get the best Blu Ray burner money can buy that can also do very high quality CD burns (low jitter in particular), and can also do very good DVD burns. Does such a drive exist?

I am looking at the Sony BWU-300S. Does anybody have it or have any experience with it? Is it worth the price, or is it just marked up because it’s Sony?

I am running Windows XP x64 SP2. Will the drive work with the OS?

Also, I own a lifetime license for AnyDVD HD, which strips the copy protection and DRM from Blu Ray discs, which means that even if you are not running Vista, and don’t have an HDMI compliant sound card and HDCP compliant video card/monitor, the computer can still access the full quality of the Blu Ray disc.

I know that most player software will still down sample the audio and video though, even though the full quality is technically available.

What I’d like to know, is there any software available or any way to watch a Blu Ray disc in full quality short of ripping it to the hard drive? That can be a PITA if I just want to watch a movie.

Thanks for any help! If you need any more information from me please ask.

The LG BH08LS20 is proving to be a very solid Blu-ray drive, for me anyways.