Best Blueray player for rips to archive

What is the best Blueray reader so far for reads/DVD43+handbrake?
I have:
Bravia1080p 46"
still running VGA cable, but picture is sharp at 1920x1080.

Also any other advice outstanding would be appreciated.

Any 8x BD rom drive should be fine. I haven’t seen any discussions on which one would be the very best rippper, but some of the other regulars in this forum might chip in.

You do realize that DVD43 will not decrypt Blu Ray movies? To rip commercially made Blu ray, you will need a commercial program, like DVDFab or AnyDVD HD, and of the two I recommend AnyDVD HD.

VGA cable is not going to be HDCP compliant, so you’ll need AnyDVD HD running in the background for playing Blu Ray through it. Your software player won’t allow it otherwise.

I’d advise upgrading to use an HDMI cable if your tv has that connection. You can get a video card with HDMI output, but you’ll need a 16x pci-e slot in the computer. Newegg has such cards for less than $50. Look at for inexpensive HDMI cables, for whatever length you need.