Best Blu Ray media for Pionner 207EBK

Hi to all,

I’m Spanish, sorry by my bad English.

What is best blu ray media to this writer ? Verbatim BD-R is one of the best ? In ebay (japan) is original ?

Thank you very much

Hola yenclas, and welcome to the forums.

Regular Verbatim BD-R (not the LTH variety) should be fine. I had good luck with the Verbatim discs I burned. FTI Falcon is another type of blank blu ray that you should consider if they are available in your area. I use the 4x Falcon discs in my Pioneer 207MBK with good results.

If you want Japanese made media, buy Panasonic blu ray discs. They should be excellent quality, though very expensive.


go for the original 50pcs spindle Panasonic BD-R25 4x from ebay japan

and You can be sure to get original Panasonic blank discs made in Japan.

Verbatim HTL media are also good, but rare and almost as expensive as Panasonics.

Avoid LTH Media, avoid Platinum Media (because they´re RITEKs), avoid TDK 25GB media from Europe (because they are RITEK or MBI made discs).

The Pioneer can burn any available BD-R 50 GB DL medium in good quality with the speed recommended by the manufacturer of the disc.

Good link, katraine!

Darn customs inspection will steal another bucks from me if I dare to import that nice stuff. :-C

Thank you very much

And this are good ?,_6x_velocidad,_en_Cakebox_10_Unidades.html,_Full_printable,_10_piezas_en_caja.html

[QUOTE=yenclas;2691161]Thank you very much

And this are good ?,_6x_velocidad,_en_Cakebox_10_Unidades.html,_Full_printable,_10_piezas_en_caja.html[/QUOTE]

Yes, both of those should be good.

Thanks Kerry56

It´s an example of calculation, if it´s cheaper to buy from Japan with possible tax added or to buy fron an european seller with tax included.

Anyway, we are saving not only our countries, bot the whole European Community, if not the world with paying our taxes. (Caution: Irony!)