Best Blu-Ray for Writing in 2019?

Hello folks - apologies if there’s already an active thread on this subject, but I haven’t noticed one that isn’t very out of date, or for people looking for drives for quality scanning.

My Pioneer BDR-208D has developed a bug (keeps ejecting the tray within a second of closing), and it’s probably time to buy a new drive for burning anyway, but which Blu-Ray drives are generally considered to give the best quality burns these days?

Thanks in advance. Will close the thread if someone can point me to another that isn’t dead.

In my experience the 208D was a very good one, the 209-drives are not that good. But Pioneer have still the better writer than LG, so I would recommend the 209.

I second the Pioneer 209, there’s no way around Pioneer regarding writing quality. With CMCMAGBA5 media it’s a good advice to burn them slower than with the 208 though. The quality of the burns with that media is about the same level @4x with the 209 that the 208 is able to deliver @6x.
Then again I had pretty good results with the Verbatim CMCs with my LiteOn iHBS112 @ Plextor PX-B950SA @4x and @6x.

I recently got the ASUS BW-16D1HT with firmware 3.03 manufactured October 2018. And I have found out an interesting thing. This particular drive does not allow burning at lower speeds than 4x whereas my older 16D1HT as well as Pioneer 209-EBK both bought mid 2016 allow burning at 2x.

But what is even more interesting is that it seems like using the latest ASUS with 4x burning speed gives better burns than those older ones at 2x! I am judging from the fact that reading the BD-Rs burned at 4x is always done at “max read speed” whereas on those 2x burns in most cases the drive was locked to slow reading speed throughout the first half or so of the disk and jumped to “max read speed” only in the latter section of the BD-Rs.

This is really something I was not aware of and it really seems like using the lowest possible burning speed (2x) on those 2016 drives was perhaps not the best idea. At least as for the single layered BD-Rs (Verbatim 43804 HTLs to be precize).

The question is if this would still apply for multilayered disks like BDXL for instance…

Which media do you use?

I burn only Optodisc and some LTH-media @2x, most BD-R HTL 4x or 6x, higher speeds only for some tests

Verbatim 43804 (Datalife). Spindle of 10 pieces, printable, HTL, 6x.

I´m not sure, is this media with CMC MAG BA5 MID oder VERBATIMe? For both sould 4x and 6x be OK