Best Black Friday monitors

Sorry to re-post this, but I wasn’t getting any love in the bargain basement forum, so I’m hoping someone here might help.

Before I drag myself out of bed Friday in the early AM…

Does anyone have any idea which Black Friday monitor might be better?..the eMachines at Staples , Acer at Best Buy , AOC at Office Max

Staples - eMachines 21.5" widescreen HD LCD $89.98 1 yr warr.
Best Buy - Acer X203H 20" $79.99
Office Max - AOC F22 21.5" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor $99.00 1 yr warr.

Not sure if any are TFT. Maybe the Acer. Is that a big deal if not TFT? I’m sure these are low quality with 1 yr. warranties, but…

Has anyone seen any other Black Friday monitor deals that compare or better?

Thanks people.

All TFT, all TN panels. Image quality will be the same. Shop based on features and which one has the best user interface.

The 20" panel does have a different resolution and pixel pitch, if that makes any difference for your video card and gaming. Otherwise, image quality will still be the same.