Best Bang For my Buck

I am looking to build up a cheap performance pc. I already have all the little stuff all I need is a dependable board and AMD processor. I would prefer to
set this up with a Athlon/ Duron/ Barton/ Sempron type processor. I have searched around and so far Mwave seems to have the best prices but just in case I missed a hot deal somewhere am am writing this post. I have several
extra cases so form factor is not an issue. Any help is appreciatted.
Thanks, Budzos

A PCChips motherboard (ECS) is cheap, but seems to be well-reviewed and seems to work well based on those reviews. I have one, but I’ve only had it for 2 years, so I can’t talk about longevity yet. Mine was a M863, and listed at their site for $39.99, so you should be able to get a better one than that there for a good price, and they use AMD processors. That should help you get started. :wink:

Thanks for the info, I usually use gigabyte boards thats why I asked what kind of deals
were out there. I already have 3 computers so thats why I am trying to keep it on the cheap side.


I got a AMD 64 3500+ with MCI MB; 1 gb ram; ATI X300 126mb pci; 16x DVD/CD-R/RW; 16x DVD ROM; 200gb Seagate HH; Win XP Media Center; Logitek wireless mouse and keyboard; case and powersupply for $424 + $55 shipping off of last month-

Think that I got a pretty good deal-eh!


Athlon/Duron/Sempron (Socket A):

Socket 754:

Socket 939:


For best bang for buck, lesser expensive boards I have noticed to be popular and reliable are MSI brand and ASRock brand (ASUS derivative). Check pricegrabber, Pricewatch, Newegg, and ZipZoomFly for deals.

i am also looking to get a new board/procesor www.pcclub has a special right now for a gigabyte board and an amd athlon 64 3200+ processor for $199

Well my DVD player in my rec room just took a dump so now I think I will build this as a home theatre pc, Any suggestions appreciatted.
Thanks, Budzos

I use the MSI board myself in a HTPC along with a 3200+ CPU passively cooled :slight_smile:

Sounds Interesting,
Thanks, Budzos

How would a Biostar M7NCD Ultra motherboard work as a base for a home theatre pc.
They have a good price on them a Mwave right now.
Thanks, Budzos

No integrated graphics, no mATX size (Full ATX) but except that I guess it’ll work with a Mobile XP CPU.

I have a 4 unit rack mount case that will hold the motherboard and a 256mb nvidea
video card with a dv out to plug into my 27 inch HDTV monitor which has a dv in. Would this work with the sempron 2500 or will I have to pull the 2500 athlon out of my gigabyte
box. I will also be putting in a couple of 160 gb hard drives and a cd and a dvd burner.
Thanks, Budzos