Best backup software?

ok, it was only a few months ago i hated Alcohol 120%, i had got this idea in my head that all its copies where emulated after trying to copy SecRom 4.8 with RMPS and getting a NEEDS EMULATION volume label. i have since found that it gives you alot of choce and makes it clear if it isnt a 1:1 backup, and how slow clonecd is at reading a image and now not all of CloneCDs copes are 1:1, anyway, my question is which software is the greatest of them all?

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There is no such thing as best or worst software, every software somehow or other fits a different persons needs.

The question or thought of “best software” pertaining to any field is a bit naive IMO.

All of the above :slight_smile:

i know they all have there strenghts and weaknesses, but one you must prefer overall.

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Agreeing with xtacydima’s post, maybe the best all round backup software would be Alcohol 120%. I only say this because it has built in Emulation options,a built in Virtual drive and the DPM function which can help kill alot of protections.

for me it used to me blindwrite, then alcohol 120% leaving cloncdcd way behind at safedisc 2.9 and securom 2, but now due to the (allmost) 100% working safedisc 3 emulation it is making a comeback :slight_smile:


The one you prefer might not be the one that is best there is a difference…


I prefer using Alcohol more than BW (457) - just because at the moment there are more games I like protected by safedisc 3.x than securom…
and so, alc does it’s job great for me with my hardware (see signature for details) - of course bw 457 is always installed and just waiting to do another great securom copy… :bigsmile: :iagree:

but i have to say, i like them both - the only soft’ i don’t like is CCD - which, i think, is outdated (for MY purposes) - i don’t like emulation copies and i didn’t need to make a DVD-Copy of a protected game 'til now… (except UT2004; but the protection is removed with the 1st patch already, so i backed it up using NERO… :wink: )

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ok, this isnt a thread to let people know in a semi-factual way which is best, but i just wondered what other cdfreaks opinion was.

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ps. wowaweewa, nobodys voted for blindwrite :eek:


Blindwrite get’s votes from “other” anyway, because it’s a great heavy weight for securom games.

The point is that none of them are suitable to make 1:1 backups of all copy protected CD’s.

Emulation is NOT 1:1 backing up. I don’r like software which suggest emulation first above using it’s capabilities & the hardwares to make a proper 1:1 copy, or at least a working facsimile, which is the closest thing to it.

blindwrite is no better than clonecd for securom unless you have a plextor premium.

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