Best Backup Software?



Hey guys, was wondering if u all can help. i’ll explain my problem first, maybe make it easier…
ok, i run windows xp pro, and i want to backup my fresh installation of win xp and updates to multi cd-rs. So when my comp gets another ‘Virus’, or crashes, i can insert a disk/floppy and would format and then put the image of my backup to the drive??..i hope ive explained this ok! But my main point is backing up my harddrive image to cd-rs, then restoring em again.

So if you guys know of a good proggie for this, or do backup yourself, i would appreciate your reply. (i know windows xp pro does this backup with ASR, but does it do it to cd-rs? and is it a good one?)

Thx again guys, sasarchiver, Dundee, Scotland.


I found "Drive Image 7.0 from Power Quest " to work good for backing up my HD’s , It can quickly save your backups to virtually any writable CD or DVD drive and enjoy the flexibility of USB, FireWire® and Native Network support. I haven’t tried using XP’s pro own backup, so I can’t comment on how good it is, but here is a link to Power Quests Web site


Norton Ghost 2003 is the choice for me. With this version no DOS knowledge is now required. Has never let me down.

This can also do an image of partition or drive to network, cd, dvd, external devices + probably more I have forgotton.


hey guys thx for ur replys! Norton ghost i tried to use once b4, i couldnt do a successful backup (obvious i wasnt doing it right), so i got kinda fed up with that lol…
Drive Image i havent heard of, i will look into that link after this post, thx for that…
Also i was reading about something called vertias backup exec 9.1 , or something, anyone heard of this, and if they have can they tell me how easy freindly it is?? thankyou

P.s. I dont want to go and buy the wrong backup software, and from what i see it can be fairly expensive…thx again


BackupExec is more of a business application than a personal PC one. For example we use it at work to monitor daily backups on about 40 servers.

Have a read through this thread for some other suggestions. It appears that BootIt is a good (and cheap) choice as well.


I’ll add one more to the list. Acronis True Image. I’ve been using 6.0 w/o any probs for over a year. Haven’t tried 7.0 yet, but apparently it has more features than 6.0


hey seth thx for ur reply. Ok, i didnt know that about backup exec! thx for telling me. I will look into the link u gave me :slight_smile: thx

Val, true image 7.0, is that good is it. The reason i ask is because i got a full working version of it free with a magazine not long ago :slight_smile: The features in this allow you to boot from multiple cds and restore ur system to the exact way u had it whenu made the backup?? i will look into that vad, thx for telling me…

Thx guys :wink:


Interesting, I would think magazines distribute trials, not full versions… Anyway, since you have it, you can give it a try.

Actually, you boot from an Acronis Boot CD that you create in advance. Then, you can load your system image either from DVD or CD(s). If your image is >700 mb, you can split the image in parts of the specified size.

Acronis has a good manual available for downloading. Basically, you can read it and see what features Acronis has, and how to use them.


Considering my general luck with keeping optical media, I recomend you invest in a good tape drive if you can at all afford it. If you can’t do that, spend effort to find good media to record onto.

Of course the backup software I use doesn’t support CDs yet, so I’m baised.


What about incremental backups of specific directories?

E.g. i do full backup of my windows directory first, and then afterwards only do incremental backups (i.e. the changes) - and it should have ability to restore any point in time too… Are there any like that?


Acronis True Image can do that. Also, I beleive, PQ Drive Image has the same feature.
After all, you can try Start->Run->ntbackup (XP/Win2k), it works for many people; however, I’ve seen complaints about inability to restore files from backup.


I use “Back Up My Pc”

Can back up to any media you want CD, CDRW, DVD, DVDRW.

Works for me.

You can backup your entire HD or select the files you want to back up.

If you want to PM me I will be gald to help you.


Acronis True Image can do that.

Are you sure it can backup only selected directories? I skimmed through it’s description but they only mention full disk image (which in my case isn’t what I need)


Back up my pc killer program


according to your condition, I guess you are using mirror backup. My opinion is you do not use mirror backup in the future. Because mirror backup can only be proper for system backup. Here are some good backup software I can recommend:

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Under this condition, if you still want to use mirror backup, check “mirror backup” on google. However, I never use mirror backup to backup my important files.


Just a little FYI but your 5 years a little late on the discussion. Also that is your best software and won’t be true for everyone else.