Best Backup Software for Spanning DVDs



Looking for suggestions.

What is best software to Backup Directories/Folders from a hard disk to multiple Double Layer DVDs??

Just bought a DVD burner that supports DVD+R Double Layer.

I want to archive some Adobe Premiere Elements projects, which range from 10GB to 35GB, to clear out disk space. The included software is Nero Express which does not seem to span multiple DVDs. Some of my projects are 30GBs and I want to be able to archive a project to a set of Double Layer DVDs.

Also, I want to keep files in uncompressed and identical order to what is on disk drive.

  • I tried CyberLink PowerBackup 2.5 but that creates a “backup” file which contains the files, so I can’t access them directly without Cyberlink.

  • I tried the included Nero Express and that doesn’t span DVDs.

  • I tried Acronis, but that also creates a “backup” file which contains the files, so I can’t access without Acronis.

I tried Backup4All 3.7 and that seems to do the job.

Any other Suggestions than Backup4All???


I’d think about it a while before I assumed that DL media, or any other DVD media, is suitable for archiving anything. It’s fine as a second level of backup, but the first level should be a spare external hard drive that’s shut off most of the time.


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If you’re up for a little bit of manual work, you could try the solution presented in this thread at another site:

Splitting directories for DVD burning

It works well enough for me and is independent of the burning application used, but it only works on NTFS filesystems.


Buy a spare external hard-drive…you won´t regret it :iagree:


Genie BackUp is what you are loking for, it can not only span multiple CD’s or DVD’s it can also span multiple hard drives. For CD/DVD backups it has a unique option that you can check if you wish which makes these backups self extractable without having to use the backup software you created.

Dandy feature! :clap: :bow:


Is there a file size limitation for DVD+R DL (other than the obvious 8GB or so)??

I have been trying to archive a 16.5GB directory of Adobe Premiere Element project and it fails. One of the avi files is huge, about 6GB’s, the software chokes on it and is unable to copy it to the DVD, even though there is plenty of space! It cuts it to 1896748191 bytes instead of 6191715488 bytes.

Any ideas or suggestions?? (other than use a hard drive, i really want to archive to dvd media)

[10:08:53 PM] Error: Size of file “\Archive Adobe Movie Project\D\Archived Movie Projects\2006-October-DanielFootball\2006-October-DanielFootball 72.avi” in destination (1896748191) is different than the size stored in catalog (6191715488)


Why can’t someome make a program that can just copy files directly to CD or DVD, and span discs if the source data is too big? Every program I’ve ever tried wants to write in some proprietary format, so that if you just want to put in a disc and copy back a file, it’s a pain in the ass. Why can’t these programs just write to the discs directly using the ISO or UDF standard?


The ISO 9660 format cannot contain files larger than 4 GB and in many implementations not larger than 2 GB.

So you need to use UDF format (filesystem) instead of ISO 9660 format for your DVD in order for the DVD to contain your 6 GB file.


Thank you for info.

I am testing with Backup4All.

After having the failure and doing a little research, I tried to pick the UDF option in the software.

It tells me to put in a UDF formatted DVD first??

I sent email to company and waiting on reply on monday, but any ideas?? Why would it prompt me to put in a UDF formatted DVD when I am using brand new unwritten DVDs, that doesn’t make sense.


Backup Genie does not use a proprietary format, it uses a very standard universal ZIP file format instead, meaning the file can be made any size you want it to, it can be split and merged at any point you wish, additionnally it can be made a self executable meaning you do not need the software program to restore it or open it anywhere on any drive at any time. Nothing simpler and more effective exists. There are no restrictions with ZIP files, they can be spanned over numerous DVD’s or spanned over multiple fixed hard drives or spanned over multiple external portable hard drives or multiple zip cartridges or multiple tape drives, etc., etc. etc.




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Gave up on Backup4All. That software would drop some files. It did NOT support DL disks.

So I tried Genie-Soft.

But Genie-Soft splits the files randomly. I think it is when a DVD is at the end, it splits the current file and starts writing part of it to the next DVD. Doesn’t seem related to size unless 200MBs is too large for Genie-soft which I doubt. Posted a question to support and they haven’t gotten back to me in 3 days. In fact, posted multiple times and each time they answer a different question than what I asked. Not too promising.

The tool seems close but I can’t use it if it randomly splits files.

Tried Archive Creator also. That seems outstanding. SPANs dvds, and does burning in parallel. Their software crashes sometimes

So just can’t find a perfect solution.

Lets see if Genie-Soft ever gets back to me.


What did you use on Nero? Did you use the “Back Up Files” options? It should be able to span the directories you want to save into multiple disks. I’ve backed up a 12.8GB directory onto a span of 3 DVD’s. The only thing is that you need to have a version of Nero installed with “Nero Back It Up” installed to restore the previous files back onto your HDD.

The only other thing I can think of is to use Winrar or Winzip and break those 13GB projects into self extracting ZIP or RAR files. Then you would be able to restore it without any programs installed. Other than that, I have never seen any good disc spanning software out in the market.


Metal SlayerX

I used Nero Express. That did NOT have an option to span dvds.

Also, I don’t want to have to have the restore software installed.

I want the software to copy the files intact, i.e. no splitting of files, no zip files, no compressed format, just the same files??

Genie-soft keeps splitting files randomly.
Archive Creator crashes.




Well then I guess it’s time for you to move over to Bluray. :stuck_out_tongue: Because there is no way you are going to save 15-30GB projects on a 8GB DL DVD in tact.


I’d love to go to BluRay!!!

can’t wait but can’t afford it!


Genie-Soft finally got back to me …

Well it took almost 7 days and 4 different technical reps to finally have someone confirm that Genie Soft will not stop splitting files. I had to ask the question over and over and over again. They just couldn’t seem to understand a yes or no question.

Hello Todd,

Well GBM still does not implement the feature to prevent splitting files however, we will consider implementing it in future builds. However, if you backup without compression GBM will not add your backup to zip by selecting Backup without compression in the settings page.



I also tried Roxio Easy cd creator 9. This doesn’t split the files. And it gives you the option to span files over multiple dvd’s.

It’s just that I want to use Nero


I noticed this post from 2007 where you were trying to archive multiple original files uncompressed across multiple DVDs.

I’m trying to do the same thing to backup up my photos and videos with bluray.

Did you have any success in the end and what did you use in the end?

Many thanks,



You can go the freeware route with either CDBurnerXP or BurnAware free versions for that…:iagree: