Best Back up method to DVD-DL?

I have a Panasonic RP-62 Stand alone player and I just purchased a brand new Plextor PX-716A Double Layer DVD burnner for my Computer. The double layers’ that I am burnning don’t play properly with my stand alone Panasonic. So I am going to have to buy a newer Stand Alone player that is compatible with Double Layer Media… Or it might be my burning methods…

I have used both Ri-Data and Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. I have used Nero (w/ anyDVD) to do the burnning. The Verbatim disc’s seem to function alot better than the Ri-Data discs but both skip and have artifacts through out the entire movie.

What is the best method of doing stright backups of DVD to DVD+R DL ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :bow:

use DVD Decrypter to ISO Read then ISO Write @ 4X. make sure you set the booktype to DVD-ROM.

Sorry to say I have to agree.