Best available drive

I currently have a NEC 3550A and haven’t had any luck trying to burn DL disks. It has worked great for single layer. (verbatim +R disks for both)
I’m curious what everyone would consider the best all around burner that is readily available at a local Frys.
I don’t care about lightscribe or anything like that as I record on inkjet printable media.
My main desire is the ease of reading disks and the quality of writing the disks. Speed is not the highest requirement, though a decent speed would be nice. DVD-ROM Booktype settings would be nice for compatability in various products.


Currently I’m considering the following:
Pioneer 111 (possible 111D)
BenQ 1650/1655 or 1640
Liteon 165P6S or 160P6S
Sony DRU810A
Sony DRU830A

Out of these, does anyone have any preference? Other suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated.

The Benq 1650/1655 is a very popular drive in this forum and generally held in high regard. But Benq drives are becoming scarce these days so you might not be able to find one.

Seeing as though you want to burn DL media then I think you might as well go for the Pioneer 111 as I’ve heard it burns DL media well.


For write quality, BenQ if you can find it. Otherwise Pioneer.