Best Avail. replacement for LITE-ON SOHW 1693S

This drive has been good for about 2 years. I watch about 3-5 movies a week and reburn the discs. What is the best model and also best buy out there right now. i am not an expert on stats and whatnot. I just want a steady workhorse that will deliver consistent high quality DVDs for me to watch…keeping in mind I can only get DVD+/-RW 6X or sometimes 8X Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


This thread is rather old…I’m sure you got your replacement already. But here goes…I can suggest giving Samsung a look. With the ever falling prices of drives. It is not a huge investment to try any one of the major players currently. Myself I’m partial to Samsung or Lite-On’s 20x offerings. I’ve been most pleased with my sh-s182m which will burn Verbatim MCC 004 media at 18x. Regards, John