Best audio setting for DVD to mobile (Generic)



I am using the DVD to mobile (Generic) setting to copy a DVD to PC hard drive. Under “Conversion Setting”-“Device”-“Generic”- What is the best Audio Selection to use for Window Media Player? When I used the original default setting of “generic.avi.h264.audiocopy” there was not any sound. I want to download some DVD movies onto my laptop for traveling. Any selection states it is the setting to play on a PC but I know the 1st setting does not work.
What is the best setting?:doh:


You would need to install a codec to play AC-3 audio with WMP. Try ffdshow to use WMP or VLC Media Player, which requires no other devices or filters. Both are free. You could also use a different profile that does not use audiocopy (an MP3 one for instance).