Best audio player/recorder for multiple formats

If you were to pick one media player for audio, and that supported all necessary formats, and easily converted to CD, which would it be: MS Media Player, Nero, Quintessential, Winamp, Streambox, dBpowerAmp, Core Media Player, or other:=?
I guess this would be called a ‘poll’, but I am having some real problems.

Is this for some personal recommendation due to space trouble or something? I don’t think I know anyone that uses one program for everything because it’s just easier to use several programs. They all lack in one area or another is basically what I’m saying. I haven’t voted because I don’t think any all-in-one is very good. I use Winamp for audio, VLC Media player for non-DVD Video(although Windows Media Player is good enough usually), Power DVD for DVD’s and Nero for burning. Besides what I already mentioned, supporting formats typically, with respect to video and some newer audio formats, is reliant on codec installation which has nothing to do with the individual programs, not really anyway.