Best audio cd burning software

Hey all… I am so darn-spankin’ happy with my new IMGBURN and TAIYO YUDEN DVD-R’s I just had to ask…

If a guy wants to TOTALLY throw NERO away and not have so many coasters, what’s the best software to burn audio CD’s?

Many people seem to like a program called Burrrn. Found here:

Last time I made one, I just used the tool in ImgBurn for making cue files and it worked fine.

Thanks Kerry… you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the world lol

I’ll check Burrrn out, and as far as IMGBURN, I am just glad it works with my FabPlat, because when it comes to techie stuff I am half-stupid :wink: learning though!

Love what I’ve learned so far!


I second the Burrrn recommendation - it’s all I use for making audio CDs from my music files :cool:

listening to a notorious BIG CD I just burned, and it worked beautifully :wink:

Cheers CD Freaks!! (big cheesy smile)