Best Audio burning software

Hi guys,

Probably an obvious question, but I have used Nero Burning ROM to burn an audio CD, and the volume level on the output CD is very low when played back through a normal CD player.

Is there a ‘better’ program to use to burn audio CD’s with optimum output quality?

use burrrn


Exact Audio Copy has worked very well for me and others for years - and its free - get it here:

Good alternatives suggested, but it´s weird that Nero hasn´t worked.

Are you “cloning” an existing cd, or making a cd with a bunch of tracks…maybe downloaded from different sources…?

Im burning from some .wav files…

PS> Its not that Nero doesn’t work…its just that the levels are too low…

IIRC Nero has an option to ‘normalize’ volume when making an audio CD. You might look into that.

What’s IIRC Nero?

IIRC stands for “If I Remember Correctly”