Best Audio Backup Format

Hey love this site, been coming here a while without registering. At this point however, I think I need to post to discern the answer Im looking for.

Ive decided, with my new hard drive, that Id like to start backing up my albums, not just ripping them to MP3 or OGG. In my time Ive lost at least a good dozen CDs that Ive never again had the fortune to listen to, due to borrowing, theft, and even destructive accidents. So, understandably, Id like to archive these CDs in only the highest quality, 1-1 format. Preferably mountable, obviously.

My first instinct was the MDF format, Im using Alcohol %120. Any of you great sages of wisdom have any light to shed on this subject? :iagree:

Try using Exact Audio Copy. It’s a little slower than say Nero for copying audio discs, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a perfect copy of the original unless the disc is damaged beyond reasonable use.

You can find EAC here.



Thank you for the advice TZ. I will check it out.

It’s an awful waste of space.
If you use the Ogg codec with a high bitrate (say, 256) it’s very close to 1:1. I don’t think any human can tell the difference. And it’ll save you a whole lot of space.
If you don’t believe me try doing some blind tests.

FLAC, Free Lossless Audio Codec.