Best at reading scratched media

At the moment I own a Samsung SH-223f and some older pioneer writers. I am looking at an upgrade as they seem to have reasonably poor abilities to read scratched media. Are the lite-on’s the best with there error correction technology or are there better options?

I don’t mean to double post but there is no edit button, just thought i’d add what I own already, Samsung SH-223F SB03 firmware, Pioneer DVR-215BK 1.22 firmware, Pioneer DVR-110D 1.41 firmware and a Pioneer DVD-116 1.09 firmware, all rpc1 with bitsetting enabled. I was thinking of buying the liteon IHAS324 but would this be an upgrade to anything I have now?

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in my opinion, Liteon and Samsung drives are on par when reading scratched discs is required. If you want to have more options with such bad discs, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have something totally different like a LG.

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Am I right at presuming pioneer are rubbish at reading damaged dvd’s? My DVR-215 seems to be able to read dvd’s my samsung can’t on the rare occasion but my dvr-110d and dvd-116 are useless and I don’t even try. I may get myself a LG I need to get myself a 2nd sata drive anyway one day. Just need to get myself a HTPC case and set up 2nd pc with a few 1.5TB drives for storage.

[QUOTE=Roboat;2410090]Am I right at presuming pioneer are rubbish at reading damaged dvd’s? [/QUOTE]I don’t think so. Any drive has individual strengths and weaknesses. If you have a bad disc, I would try all drives available in order to recover the data from them. Sometimes the “poor readers” give better results than the “good readers”.