Best appz for Harddrive defrag maintenance for fat32/ntfs?

Which is the best appz for harddrive defrag maintenance for fat32/ntfs platform for instance either on-the-fly or reboot for system/program/bootup files (not temp/recylcebin etc.) without locking/interfering the harddrive when antivirus is scanning and removing for instance viruses/spy-/add-/malware ?

Like to hear your reviews and tips, thanks in advance :confused:


No contest! Diskeeper 9

Download the free trial from:


Or PerfectDisk

I don’t use Disk Keeper for several reasons:

  1. It’s written by Scientologists, and every copy you buy puts money directly into the “church” elders’ pockets.

  2. Whenever Microsoft changes something Disk Keeper goons up. When Win2k first came out, Disk Keeper claimed 100% compatibility but under certain conditions would destroy the MFT. OOPS!

  3. It is a resource hog compared to O&O or Perfect Disk.

I use O&O exclusively, but there’s nothing wrong with Perfect Disk.

thnaks for the advice, I’ll give them a try to see which handles my drive best I use western digital 80Gb HDD 7200rpm 2mb chache, 120Gb Hitachi Deskstar 7200 rpm 8mb chache.

Yep - And I’ve had that happen to me the first and last time I used it. (on XP SP2)

I think I will keep using ReiserFS file systems and never have to defragment my hard drive. :iagree:


Fat32, Ntfs=Windows ReiserFS=Linux Different file system doesn’t get fragmented

Cool. Thanks. There are lots of other OS’es with better file system management. But some of us run Windows because we like to play games or get work done. LOL.

I could run Novell, that hardly ever gets fragmented, too. But it doesn’t run my programs. Kinda like Linux.

Oh! Scuse Me for a sec… :Z

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Windows XP and FAT32. I recently installed Linux so I have this FAT32 partition that I can use to share files between my Linux and Windows systems. Up till that, I had no problem defragging the NTFS partition with O&O Defrag 8. Since I started using FAT32, I’ve noticed it takes AGES to defrag the drive (though it’s only 20GB) and it just plain doesn’t work. Files are moved, but only for show: currently largest contiguous free space is 30mb and the drive’s 85% (85!) fragmented. As it is, I might just have to wipe it clean and go back to Windows 98, where I had no such problems.

So what is the matter with this? Each new defrag only increases the fragmentation, and to add insult to injury I can’t defrag files that are being written (such as current BT downloads) cause I’d be losing reported free space till there’s 0 bytes left, and would have to reboot to get it back.

Been using Diskeeper since version 7 and I love it. It’s certainly not a “resource hog”. You never know it’s there unless you try to move or manage a file while it’s being defragged. Version 9 is sweet. The scheduling options couldn’t be any more flexible.

Yo rdgrimes-

Y’all turned me onto Diskeeper 9 about a year ago - and to this day - I could not be happier-eh!!

Thanks again-


Disk Keeper - encouraging Tom Cruise to be a complete nutbag since… well, the beginning, really.

If you apply this questionable logic to ALL products, you wouldn’t ever buy anything. Also completely irrelevant to the thread.

i don’t think it’s questionable logic at all (and arguably not irrelevant)…it’s analagous to boycotting RIAA/MPAA/Sony products…

personally i’m a fan of PerfectDisk 7…formerly used Vopt to defrag…

It’s NOT irrelevant to the thread. I SPECIFICALLY DO NOT USE DISK KEEPER because its proceeds support one of the largest and most dangerous cults in the world.

I don’t want to get off on a “scientology bashing” session here, but c’mon - if the program went to support the KKK would you still pay for it? How about the Nazi party? Boycotting software due to the bizarre and dangerous connections of its authors is perfectly valid. :slight_smile:

Add to that the fact that - as stated previously - Disk Keeper has a known history of munching file tables… and you have a recipe for a program I’ll never use.

You are an idiot. There’s not a single large corporation in the world that doesn’t have ties to one objectionable “Cause” or another. Suggest you grow up.

you two should battle it out for the “sanctimonious award” based on your recent post histories…