Best app for burning .VOB files?

I’ve got a bunch of .VOB files, from various different sources, and I want to assemble them onto a single DVD (plus add some simple menus, chains, etc.). What’s the best app for doing this? I’d prefer something in a consumer price range, if possible.

Also, if some contain multiple audio streams, do any apps support removing streams, relabeling them, etc. What about subtitle tracks?

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Well, thanks, if you even gave some thought to a response.

I’m going with Nero 6 Ultra Edition. Among the features of the included NeroVision Express 2 are:

[li] Add MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, DV, VCD, SVCD and AVI video files
[/li][li] Select audio stream from VOB files with multiple audio streams
[/li][li] Compliant files are not re-encoded (smart encoding)
[/li][li] Add MP3, MP4 (HE-AAC) and WAV audio files

This sounds like exactly what I hoped for! The only other thing I could want is some features for selection and filtering of subtitle tracks.

I also looked at Sonic MyDVD Deluxe 6 and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7, and could find no evidence that either supported the features I needed. Furthermore, I’m suspicious that Sonic MyDVD is more severely crippled, in order to protect their much more expensive product lines (they have at least entire 2 product lines above MyDVD).

If anyone is interested, I will also post my reactions, after I get some experience with it.

The use of Nero apear interesting, BUT I usually to these jobs by hand with various separate tools.

Tools I can recomend are: IFOedit, DVDShrink, TMPGEnc DVD author, VirtualDub. There are more.

Particularly I find DVD shrink usefull for puting together VOBs from various sources. Though it doesnt support menues.

TMPGEnc DVD author supports menue creations but I dont know how it handles multiple substreams.

Anyway, if you have DVD related questions a better site would be: <> a site with guides, fora and tools for everything video/dvd/divx/mpeg/ect… that you might want.

Another equally great site is <> , this site has all of the above plus an interesting data base containing user/owner comments and compatibility listings about most brands and models of dvdplayers, dvd-burners, dvd-recorders and dvd media.

i think you would be best to convert each vob section into a avi, then encode back to dvd, should be much more relyable. best way to do this would be to use DVD2AVI (freeware) or to convert to AVI and then convert to dvd using NeroVision Express 2.

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