Best app for burning DVD ISO images?



I just created a DVD image using Adobe Encore DVD, and I would like to know what the best program is for burning this image file. I heard that Nero has some compatibility issues (e.g. it’s burned images aren’t very compatible with set-top units). Is this true? What apps should I use?


DVD decrypter can burn ISO images. I haven’t tried it myself as my DVD burner hasn’t arrived yet, but a friend of mine used it and it worked fine in his set top player.
The compatability probably has more to do with your set top player than the burning app itself. Try checking for compatability at They have an extensive set top compatability list.


Nero is great for burning DVD’s,and REcord Now is also good.For Nero use,ISO/UDF (the last choice in the DVD column),and in RecordNow,use the ‘data’ choice…Good Luck


I use DVD Decrypter most of the time myself, however it is very touchy about you doing anything else with the computer while it’s burning. Its buffers will underrun for things that Nero doesn’t even blink at (like launching a web browser while burning at 4x…I’ve even made it underrun by launching a game of Spider solitaire, which is a paltry 500KB executable. ) So I have a hard time calling it the best unless you have a dedicated burning PC. I realize that buffer underruns while writing are less serious than the used to be, but even with lossless linking, every underrun still inserts one or two correctible parity errors on the disc.


just my two cents

I use nero express cause alot easier and you cant go wrong … you just pick your drive at top of menu

your burner [dvd]

and make sure [dvd ] is at end
and choose dvd-video files

and just add your files …

and burn

I use dvd shrink and nero .

all my movies are backup safe and away from kids …

also had problemse with nero six so will not use it …but version of nero works well too …


I rip with DVD Decryptor first to remove region protection, etc. If the full ISO fits on disc, burn with same. If it doesn’t, I’d recommend Pinnacle Instant Copy (takes 2.5hrs on my P4) for the best quality downsizing; DVD2One (takes 10-15 min on my P4) if you don’t mind sacrificing quality slightly for speed.

As for probs with Nero … Ahead cleared that up in version 5.5.10.x + :slight_smile:

RecordNOW I’m not very fond of. I’ve had some compatibility issues with it with certain media. Odd problems like discs only closing in Wizard mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can also recommend DiscJuggler … great for DVDs. :slight_smile:


dvd shrink works well and it encodes and decryptes movie and takes away protection as well … that is only program i found that does it …as stand alone no with anything else and easy to use …

I know anydvd takes protection any but u have to use with dvd2one or some ot her program …iget same results as pinnicle program using dvd shrink and dvd shrink takes alot less time … and yes pinnacle can do Copyright backups if you use anydvd or something like that to take away the protection on the fly

just my two cents …

plus dvd shrink anyone can understand and you dont have to have extra programs on the pc …

thought i would add that