Best AntiVirus Software Package?



Well I’d like to know which of the following Antivirus Software Package is the best:

  1. AVG Antivirus Pro v7.0
  2. F-Prot AntiVirus
  3. F-Secure Antivirus v2004
  4. Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal Pro
  5. McAfee VirusScan Pro v8.0
  6. McAfee VirusScan Home Edition 2004
  7. NOD32 AntiVirus
  8. Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro
  9. Norton Antivirus 2004 Pro
  10. Panda Antivirus Platinum v7.0
  11. Panda AntiVirus Titanium 2004 v3.0
  12. Sophos Antivirus

You may name any other software. This is the list I could compile.

Thanx in advance. :bow: :bow: :bow:


My personal favorite is E-Trust Antivirus. I have used it since it was InnoculateIT and loved it. Never crashes, never interferes with anything else EVER and updates in the background unattended manually or on a schedule. Includes real time file monitoring. Costs $19.95 to buy and $9.95 per year to renew.

Compared to Norton or the other big boys, it uses practically zero resources. I think it is less than 10MB on my Win2K machine. There is no discernable hit to performance for any function I have used EXCEPT that it introduces a delay of a second or two between hitting the CHECK MAIL button in Eudora and the check mail beginning. Not sure why. But it does not slow down downloading or file transfers at all that I can see on my P266MMX desktop (slowest PC I have).


Here’s some additional opinions.

Me like NOD.


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Well I’d like to know which of the following Antivirus Software Package is the best:

Mine’s #2.

Best antivirus poll

Tests of Anti-Virus Software


Panda Platinum here. Never know its there, and excellent online support if needed.


thanx for the quick replies.

more info is surely appreciated. :bow: :bigsmile:


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more info is surely appreciated.
What kind of info are you after ?

Nero’s antivirus scanner > the Russian Dr.Web


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[B]What kind of info are you after ?

Nero’s antivirus scanner > the Russian Dr.Web [/B]

Well experiences/views about different antivirus software.

Searched google for Antivirus software reviews but all results were crap.:frowning:


i like (use) Norton AntiVirus 8.1 Corporate Edition
just an small and clean virus scanner without all the BS from the consumer version.

  1. McAfee VirusScan Pro v8.0

most antivirus-software seem to come with a build in firewall nowadays …i hate that…i want to choose a firewall myself

nr 5 doesn’t have that and does good work. you only see the icon in the taskbar…everything else is fire and forgot


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Well experiences/views about different antivirus software.

Look no further then, just check this out >

Introduction to the VB 100% award

The VB 100% logo is awarded to anti-virus products that:

Detect all In the Wild viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning in Virus Bulletin’s comparative tests.
Generate no false positives when scanning a set of clean files.

Virus Bulletin’s aim is to offer subscribers the best impartial advice about anti-virus security and the products on offer. The VB website lists the outcome of comparative tests as follows :

by vendor
by platform
a summary of the most recent comparative test

As the virus threat is continually changing, you should look for products that have achieved a succession of VB 100% awards, rather than just one or two. Developers that can best keep their products up to date are more likely to receive VB 100% awards.

Virus Bulletin’s tests are widely recognized within the industry. The comparative tests tend to focus on virus detection rates, scanning speed and, more recently, performance overhead of on-access or resident scanning components. Most people want a scanner with very good detection that is kept up to date, but few want one that turns their machine into a snail!

So, as far as I can tell the winner is ESET NOD32

Merry X-mas 2 All !


So says NOD32 is the best !!


Yes. R U happy 2 learn that ? I didn’t seem 2 notice it. :wink:


Of course! :wink: It seems NOD32 is also light on resources. Norton use f*ck up my system & make it damn slow.

It has never been able to repair an infected e-mail. It says it cannot repair, e-mail quarantined.


Originally posted by TerminatorShawn

It seems NOD32 is also light on resources.
It is and I really like its modules & filters. :wink:


McAfee VirusShield Enterprise.

This Thing is McAfee without the Bloat. No Extra Features just a Tight; Easy to use Virus Scanner. Stays Out of the Way.



NOD32 is great. Its so light on resources & also scans fast. Seems i found my antivirus. :bigsmile:



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I’d say Kaspersky AV Personal Pro or NOD32.
Both are very solid and have good performance.
Norton is a reasource hog and a prettly slow scanner too.
F-Secure has to run services in order to function, at least last years version did and McAfee feels old.
btw, Panda Anti-Virus is known to have a small virusdatabase for a couple of years now.