Best antivirus poll

Yes, I know: AVG isn’t relevant to my Mac setup, but since the networked machines at work have AVG… :confused:

I’m running Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004 on both my PCs, works like a charm (caught a dialer on my PC not so long ago.

I bought it because of their online activescan service which found no less than 5 viruses on my PC.


Norton corporate edition is awesome :smiley: :bow: , but i have recently built a new computer a got pc-cillin (trend micro) free with the motherboard. It works awesome and has a built in firewall :bow:

Looks like my post about Symantec CE as well as a couple of other about the same AV s/w have been deleted. Explanatory PM from mods would be nice, as I dont’ think I’ve done anything wrong. Corporate editions can be used with success on consumers machines, and they can be legally obtained for such purpose. Price is not the issue, particularly in my case. If my post was deleted because someone had doubts whether I owned a legal copy of Symantec CE, I can provide the proof in terms of a simple URL. And no, I don’t give away passowrds :slight_smile:

What about this then? It’s easy to mix up the topics. We dont delete posts out of the blue.

Oh, sorry, Airhead, my fault :wink: The threads are really about the same thing… and one them is the poll. Strange, but now I have my point about CE in both threads.

I use VET Antivirus.

Norton Corporate 7, 8, or 9. Currently using 9.

tried most mentioned and had lots of issues/viruses,etc…now use…wait for it…THE CLEANER…havn’t looked back since…gawd me neck hurts…

I use McAfee. Catches everything. Never had problems. Norton is good but gets deeply into the system. Trendmicro is my second choice.

I used to use McAfee last week but I now use F-Secure

!!! F-Secure Rules !!!

My home desktop runs FreeBSD and has no need for an antivirus system. My music laptop runs XP and has NAV Corporate 7.6.

Yep :iagree: