Best antivirus poll

I can’t stand the ugly interface AVG has :wink:

ok, AVG has a ugly interface, but the interface isnt important. if the interface is important for you then i understand why you dont use AVG :wink:

I do use AVG. Just not on this computer, it would ruin my neatly trimmed windows enviroment :bigsmile:
If only they would scrap that unorthodox bevel-design and do regular Windows standard style the it would be fine by me…

well i vote for norton, i use it for almost 3 years,never had a dam virus

Here’s one. Stop using IE and Outlook, and start using Mozilla (the works), Firebird (browser), or Thunderbird (email and news client). Stop checking out shaddy porn sites, download from 3rd party site rather than the source. Don’t open email attachments from people you don’t know. I mean how difficult is that?

Anti-virus? Man, please, like I’m gonna install some NAV junkware on my system. The only worthy software Symantec has produced is Ghost.

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well i vote for norton, i use it for almost 3 years,never had a dam virus

norton is for virus detection / removal. virus prevention is user safe habits.

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slim, fast, easy to use

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slim, fast, easy to use
The same as [COLOR=blue]F-Prot mentioned by me.[/COLOR] :smiley:

AVG free edition, ugly GUI but works as well as any AV :slight_smile:

The VB website lists the outcome of comparative tests as follows by vendor

NOD32 and I’ve tested them all.:cop:

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The VB website lists the outcome of comparative tests as follows by vendor [/B]

Which is why you should use NOD32 24 Passes / 3 Fails

The only Norton version I would use is the Symantec Corp Edtion but that is expesnsive.

Kaspersky has too many false positves for me.

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Which is why you should use NOD32
Thx 4 the clarification ! :bigsmile:

:eek: :eek:
i don’t believe the best is norton… it’s the worst i’ve ever seen…
when i switched from norton to avg, my computer boots 3-4 times faster, and general performance is better…

I’m using NOD32 V1. It doesn’t use much resources and processor time, it doesn’t pop up anytime, and it’s been very efficient so far. Coupled with a firewall, never had a problem with it. (except that sometimes their updates server is down)

Why are you still running v1 when v2 is avalible?

Looks like the show must go on, huh ? :slight_smile:

It’s just a matter of taste, as the virus definitions are the same, and probably the engine too. V2 has everything integrated into a single module, V1 is more fractionned and i prefer it this way…

I use NIS 2003 (with the latest updates) Standard over the Pro version. Prefer it over the corporate edition anyday, as that seems bulky to me. Plus I have been using it since its release, and NOTHING has got onto or into my system. :slight_smile: I just like the fact you get both a firewall and anti virus bundled together.

Too many crashes on McAfee: wouldn’t consider using it again. Norton is a dog. AVG is superb – but perversely it seems to regard pdf attachments as executables (which technically is true) and turns them into winmail.dat files & that’s a pain. If it ISN’T AVG that’s doing that, then I’d sure as hell like to know what IS doing it: seems to happen not just in Outlook but also in WorldClient (barf here! but work uses it – and AVG) and Hotmail. Isn’t likely to be a Win XP-specific problem, since I have the same issue on my Mac G4 Powerbook (using native Mac OS X.3 software).