Best Anti Virus?



What’s the best virus scan to have?

Have tried:
Panda Platinum & Titanium - Didn’t find any even though there were some.
Norton - Good one to mess up systems.
Mcafee - Can’t remember what it was like.
AVG - Didn’t find as many as Avast.
Avast - Pretty good but is there any better?
Kaspersky - Didn’t pick up any.
NOD32 - Didn’t pick up any.

What’s by fact the best virus scan to pick up most viruses on the machines.
I also want a boot time scan feature.

If anyone knows any it would be appreciated.



Unfortunatly everyone has there own fav. Mine is NOD32 at the momnet. I have also used Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee and probably a few others in the past.

Also as far as I can see you need about 3 of them to cover all options of virus these days.


I like Clamwin quite a bit. Free, open source and updated frequently:

Considered beta at the moment


I have tried all you listed in the past, and my favorite is NOD32.


I have no problems with norton internet security sure its a resorce hog but does what it should do…
I have tried a few pccillin, mcaffe, norton and panda but i always seem to go back to norton…


100% agree, I have tryed others but I only trust Norton



used to exclusively use Norton…dumped all Symantec products about a year ago and have been very happy running ALWIL’s Avast! (free) on one machine and Grisoft’s AVG Free on the other. combine that with Sygate Personal Firewall and a hardware router/firewall and i’m comfortable with my security level. i also do weekly sypbot s&d scans and am actively protected by spybot’s “immunize” feature & TeaTimer and Spyware Blaster.

that about sums up my security profile in case any of you want to try and hack/infect my machines :wink:


For my Anti Virus im NOW running and have been for half an hour.
The trial version of Panda AV Titanium 2005.
Found 167 viruses Avast missed.

I use Ad-aware SE Professional, found about 60 more than Spybot S-D did.
I must not forget Spybot, It’s a great bit of freeware i also use that.
Emco Malware Bouncer (Good little freeware tool that catched the ads spybot misses)
Pest Patrol 4.4.

PC Bugs:
Hijack This.

Cleaning up unwanted Rubbish.
Tuneup Utilities.
V-COM Fix-IT Utilities.
Ashampoo Winoptimiser.
Not forgetting Crap Cleaner (Freeware) << You gotta check it out!!

For Defrags:
Diskeeper Professional.

Sorry ive gone completely off topic here, lol it’s just i want u lott to check out this software, pc is running like a rocket.

I’d also like to say get memturbo, i’m sure a lot of u would go against that but ive noticed a big difference in the pc’s speed since ive had it.

Then of course there’s overclocking but thats all beyond me!!


Only 167 viruses please dont send me an email :bigsmile:


seriously…i’ve never had more than 1 or 2 viruses on any of my PCs at a given time…ever…and they weren’t there for very long…


Same here, I’ll reformat if I have to. :iagree:


AVAST Pro here, I have tried many, This is the best so far.



Have used Panda products for past two years - really impressed with them-

btw - you will find that if you run Spy Bot with the full immunization - it will keep the spy$hit almost to zero (use along with Ad-Aware and the Micro$oft antispy$hit for the full Monte)-



Mine is: do not plug the CAT5e cable in. :slight_smile:


I have no problems with McAfee. Stopped using Norton when they added product activation.


Strange, as Kaspersky is normally a valued anti-virus, and NOD32 one of the best - and they did not find viruses where lesser programmes did - not normal behaviour at all.



I think that Norton Internet Security 2005 is to complicated, because you now have to activate it by phone or internet and that takes time and if you wand to uninstall it does not completely uninstall. I think that Mcafee Internet security 2005 is the one to have


I’ve come to the conclusion Norton sucks!! :Z :Z I’ve fix more pc’s that had Norton AV in-stalled on them and couldn’t fix a virus. Half the time the pc would have no Internet access. So I un-install Norton (after running a scan and Norton didn’t find any or couldn’t fix what it found) and install F-Secure and before I update F-Secure I run a scan. Remember I couldn’t up-date cause I had no Internet access and what do you know the problem was fixed. I find it pathetic considering F-S will be lacking 6 to 9 months of updates and it can fix the problem. Another considering fact is children between the ages of 10 and 15 using the pc who will say ever time I didn’t do anything!!! So do you throw out the kids or Norton?
When you run it to that a few times you may come to the same conclusion!!!


Best anti-virus? A careful user. :wink: Only got infected once (I was careless) in all my 13 years of computing; never used AV software in my life.