Best and worst..again!



I new thiswould happen! someone asked for the best and worst CD media....
you aske 50 people and you will get 50 different answers!
check all the replys and make notes which are favs..they will also be 'worst ' for many!
.many say kodak is best ,then a bunch say it is worst...and on on on for almost every brand mentioned best there are many who despise them!

it all comes down to personal preference, and capabilities of their own cdr-w player.
as i said in a previous thread, use the ones you can get the best deal on, pricewise, and also a GOOOD copier! [99% of your "media" problems] [also clonecd4]
it is funny reading posts from people complaining about bad copies, and see the crappy CDR-W drives they are trying to use!

i get 100 packs of cds at compusa and best buy store for around $5 US, with rebates...great price! 5 cents apiece! no problem thowing away an occasional 'bad 'disc'.[VERY FEW!]

the tests from kodak are sure no one leaves thier cds face up in direct sunlite for 2 weeks straight..any one in thier right minds store then in a cd case and rack out of sunlight...any cd will last indefinitely this way..same as actual paper photos stored properly in albums out of sunlite.

yeah, tho I walk in the valley of death, I fear no evil, cuz I'm the meanest S.O.B. in the valley!