Best all time game?

What would you say is the best all time game.

I would have to say that it is Starcraft.

It’s still played even today with numerous members on
It must be way ahead of its time beacuse for its time, graphics were great, AI well rounded, and characters evenly balanced.

No game in my oponion did so well for so long.

What game do you think is best overall.

methinks you should check the # of people playing counterstrike at any one time today, 5 years after the initial half-life release. or the other half life mods.

my vote goes to the original final fantasy. i loved that game.

Bubble Bobble

No doubt about it

bf 1942 so if it’s a newie it’s a bottler

single player: tetris
dual player: bubble bobble
multi player: worms

I agree with ausjim26.

Battlefield rocks.

Super Mario World and Super Mario Karts are IMHO two of the best games ever, and they are the reason I still own a Super Nintendo. :slight_smile:

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation.
Thief 1 and 2.

diablo or civilization 2

mohaa (medal of honour : allied assualt)

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Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation.
Thief 1 and 2.

i sense a person fond of puzzles and sneaking :bow:


X-COM, follow closely by Civ II

can we chose 1 or more games??

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[B]Bubble Bobble

No doubt about it [/B]

That game is the best, i even have it on my graphing calculator:)

it was called kenseiden for the SMS, i havn’t had it in years so it would probably suck now, or Super Mario World/ Halo tossup

Gogo System Shock 2 :smiley:

Long live Sentient Hyper Optimised Data Acquisition Network…aka SHODAN :eek:

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can we chose 1 or more games??

I was hoping to get answers with 1 response per person. It’s an all time best game. This means people should consider all factors such as multiplayer, internet capabilities, graphics for its time, artificial intelligence(AI), strategy, board game, first person shooter, etc, etc, etc…

This would make it more challenging to try to figure out what game was truley your favorite and please tell us a reason WHY?

Im going to second medal of honor and add Kingpin.

Well, if we’re supposed to say just one game, than it will have to be Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Singleplayer may be not so good, but I’m still playing it online. Have been playing it for 3 years.