Best All Round CD/DVD/wr RAM Burner to buy

Sorry to be a Pain. Not been here for a long while. My TSSTcorp cddvdw SH-S203B has given up the ghost and will not write or read anything.
My older nec 3540a will not work even though i got a ide to sata on it.I think it needs an extra power cable with male connections on it as mine in pc are female.
Which is the BEST All Rounder to Buy these days. NOT BlueRay as I do not use them.
Many Thanks.

Only two manufacturers left, LG and LiteOn. Maybe in some countries some different writers on the sale but there are no big differences.

LG is the better writer IMHO, LiteOn seems to be more reliable.

But every PSU should have an 5,25"-Molex-connection and most also a 3,5", maybe with an adapter-cable

Do you have a pic of your card?

I used to use SH-203s, other Samsungs, LGs, BENQs, but for the last few years I have been using Lite-Ons. LGs were always good readers.

LG’s are outstanding, and I’ve heard good stuff about Pioneer.

I’d go to a local tech shop and ask around for the best burner.

Cheers tester_1…I found another Molex but not tried it yet, been busy.
I shall read up on the LG & Liteon…I have and older IDE Liteon with Firmware updates from Liggy and Dee many years ago. That was too long ago lol. Thanks for the Help.

I got the NEC 3540A working now. Inserted the correct Power plug and the little clip thingy into slave. It reads Cd/Dvd ok. Will test the write tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

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