Best All Round Burner - Liteon vs Pioneer!

Hey Guys,

I’ve taken a hiatus to gaming/computing for the past year during my studies and I’m looking to get back into it.

I am looking at purchasing a DVD Burner. It will be the sole drive of my machine - as my sister stole my 4KUS (Liteon) DVD-Rom.

As its the sole drive in my machine I want it to be quite decent. I want it to be able to Backup DVD movies with ease, break copy protection so I can backup the games I’m gonna buy to break myself back into gaming.

So yeah I’m looking for an all-round burner that can easily back up movies (to play on a standalone dvd player) and games without worry!

The choices are (in my eyes) The Pioneer 108D and a similar Liteon Drive.

Now I’ve had good experience with Liteon drives in the past - they are reliable and allow me to perform good backups - but is the Pioneer a serious contender?

I am located in Australia - so I’m probably looking at Drives that are easily obtainable through the net here. I haven’t been keeping up with Liteon drives which is why I’m open to suggestion.


-Need a DVD Burner
-Needs to Backup Games & Movies without Fuss
-Needs to be Available in Australia.


PS: I know that without fuss is superfluous(sic) as breaking protection is never easy and never guaranteed - but I’m looking at a drive with the best chance. - a rebrand of a Liteon 1633S, good to Safedisk 2.8, useless for SD2.9 and above - unless the new version of CloneCD improves on it? - Pioneer 108, ok to Safedis 2.51 (both variants), useless for SD 2.8 and above.

The Pioneer is the better DVD Writer without doubt - if you could spare the space, it would be better to pair the Pioneer with a good CD-RW

Cheers. What about in terms of backing up movies? Is there any protections there or is it all the same?

Also, Are you talking about burning cds, or reading them?

Ok change of thought.

I have a liteon 52327S burner, a Liteon 16x Reader (can’t remember the model at this moment).

I’m thinking of getting the 108D for dvd burning, and then using the reader and burner for protected games.

Good idea?

Get an NEC3500

I was hesitating between the nec 3500 and the Pioneer 108. When I’ve found this interesting link, my mind was set!

So I got the p108 and I’m a happy camper

At the moment, there seem to be no issues with DVD Movie backup, it’s purely a software issue (the only thing being region coding) - Liteons can be DONE with a little utility - READ THE THREAD ON LITEON TOOLS, the OLD UTILITY KILLS THEM, so get the right tool!, while the Pioneers usually get a good RPC1 firmware hack.

For Safedisk 2, the issue is writing, some drives are slow at reading it, and a few older drives will have trouble with actually using protected CDs, leading to acrimonious arguments about refunding opened software, but no current drive should have a problem reading it.

Look into Nu Tech DVD R

Disagree. I have the p108 and the NU ddw-082.
The pioneer creates disks with 10 times less pi/pif. Really, there is no comparison to do (same speed, same disk, same testing)
I could not return the NU, so I’m using it for testing with CD/dvd speed.
At least, I can use it for something;)

Oh s××t! Isn’t the DVR-A08 able to copy SafeDisc 3.x protected games ? :eek:

I thought it could! So what about the NEC 3500 ability to copy SD 3.x ?

I put my money where my mouth is – I purchased both a Pioneer 108 and a Nec 3500, and ran my own comparisons. The verdict: I just yesterday sold the Pioneer 108.

Not the NEC either, at least, not with the test software.

CloneCD makes a few claims
New: Copies SafeDisc 3 protected CDs/DVDs
New: Emulates SafeDisc 3 weak sectors

Do they mean it can replicate them successfully, where Alcohol (the test software used for it at CDRinfo) can’t, or do they mean it can emulate them when present to intercept the read?

The ONLY drive I can recall passing SD 3.1 at CDRinfo, was the Liteon 5232k combo, but no many of the other Liteons were tested to that level.

I can’t source the NEC in Australia - so thats why I asked out of Pioneer and Liteon.

If I have Liteon Burner and Liteon DVD-Rom for copying games - is the pioneer dvd burner a good choice for backing up movies and burning storage dvds?