Best Air Cooling Unit For CPU's I've ever used!

Hi Folks,
While out surfing around on the internet, I read about this new Fan/Heat Sink assembly by “GIGABYTE”. This unit was so effective, they actually compared it to a water cooling setup! Anyway, it’s called the “G-POWER PRO”, Model # GH-PDU21-MF. Now, it’s hard to find, and I found MANY retailers price Gouging the snott out of this item! It retails for 39.95, but I saw it from 50 bucks, up to over 80 !! This really rubbed me the wrong way, but what can you do? Well, I found it at “NewEgg” for the suggested price of 39.95, but at the time, they were out of stock.
This Fan/Heat Sink reduced my processor temp from around 115-120 degrees down to (get this) 93 Degrees Farenheit!! I was stunned. But it was performing just as in the review I read about the Item. I’ve used many different Heatsink/Fan assemblies in attempts to get the best cooling results (without having to spend a small fortune on a water cooling setup), but I’ve never used a CPU Air Cooling Device which worked so extremely well. It’s probably why places are jacking up the price…who will buy anything else once they know the G-Power Pro kicks butt when compared to, well, practically ANY other Fan/Heatsink setup for a CPU. Sorry folks, but I couldn’t tell you where I read about it initially. Just use a Search Engine, and look for Reviews on this item. You’ll most likely bump into the same review.
Another great thing about this unit is, it will adapt to the AMD XP processors, the new 64-bit AMD cpus, and just about every Intel CPU as well! It comes with a good manual, and a ton of various adapters and such. So, if you are using an AMD XP CPU right now, know you can later use the fan/heatsink on any newer system you upgrade to later.
Hope you people find this info useful!

design is either based on or very similar to the Thermalright XP-90 which is also a great heatsink…

here’s a review that compares the two:

glad it improved your temps by that much…

There’s nothing like getting a good aftermarket heatsink. The stock unit that came with my A64 was crazy - 5200rpm under load and 52C temps not overclocked. Put the Freezer64 in and now load temps are usually around 42C load - idle at about 31C with a 22% overclock and best of all it is very quiet. I think the AS5 also helps alot, better than that crap that came with the stock HS.